Peacock Properties is unlike any other full-service property management company based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Once you get to know us, we are confident you will see that we are truly unique.

Whether you’re seeking expert and professional support for your condo association or you’re looking to collaborate with a highly reputable company to manage your commercial or mixed-use property, finding the right property management partner, who is as serious about your investment as you are, can be a challenge.

That’s why we are so excited that you’ve found Peacock Properties.

We understand that owning property, whether a single condo unit or an entire commercial office building, is a large, financial commitment. If you choose to partner with our team, we promise to treat your investment as if it is our own.

Our knowledgeable, Boston-based team will do everything we can to assist you with your critical roles and responsibilities, as well as the day-to-day tasks of property management, and everything in between. We also guarantee that we will manage your property with honesty and integrity above all else.

If you’re looking for a property management team that has all the skills, know-how, and modern technology to help you maximize your property’s potential, and allows you to optimize the time, energy, and investment you spend on it, then your search can end today with Peacock Properties.

How can Peacock help you?

Over the past five years, Peacock Properties has become one of the fastest-growing, and most sought-after, property management companies in the area. Our management portfolio currently consists of small- to mid-sized properties in and around Boston, and we continue to expand our reach, and our experience, with properties throughout the North Shore, Metro West, Middlesex County, Suffolk County and several locations South of Boston as well.

While we are confident that our team is uniquely qualified to help you manage your residential, commercial or mixed-use property, here are some additional insights into our property management services and philosophy that we believe you should know before making the decision whether we are the best partner for you:

  We take an extremely hands-on, team approach to managing your property. Every member of our team, from our co-founders, Chris and Ryan, to our individual property managers, to our accountant and operations and customer service managers, is dedicated to providing you with daily support to help you meet the goals for your property. From overseeing your financial, insurance and legal documents, to handling maintenance, repair and construction projects, to organizing association meetings and helping with conflict resolution, you can count on a member of the Peacock team to respond whenever and wherever you need us. Whether it’s an issue that requires immediate attention or a strategic planning item for the future, we are happy to take that task off your list and make it our job to complete it in a timely, budget-conscious way.

  We bring modern solutions to property management. Peacock Properties uses today’s most innovative property management technology platforms to enable better communication, add an extra layer of transparency, and improve efficiency in everything we do for our clients. In particular, we create custom online portals that provide the following benefits:

  • Improves the exchange of critical information between our team and yours
  • Allows you to take care of important, but often time-consuming, business responsibilities, such as accounts payable and maintenance requests, whenever it’s most convenient for you
  • Offers easy access to association bylaws, insurance declarations, past board meeting minutes, financial reports, and any other property-related documents
  • Has a messaging system that makes communication between condo association boards and their unit owners, and between commercial property owners and their tenants, much easier – you can send out alerts and update your residents anytime you want

However, as beneficial as technology is, these modern solutions will never replace our desire to form personal relationships with you, our client. The Peacock team will always maintain a highly visible, on-site presence at your property and will be a consistent and reliable resource for you and your community.

  We’re as straight-shooting as they come. When you partner with our local team, you will always get a superior level of service, knowledge and, most important, integrity. Should a problem arise, we quickly communicate it and recommend solutions. If your property is undergoing a capital improvement project, then we will send regular, concise updates to you and the rest of the owners/tenants as approved. If you’re faced with making a critical strategic decision for your property, then we will provide essential facts and financials, as well as well-thought-out advice, to help you make the best choice for your community. In fact, every project we undertake for you, from a construction bid, to a property maintenance evaluation, to the annual budgeting process, will be thoroughly documented and easily accessible to you at any time. And, finally, we are always forthright and upfront about any property management-related fees. At Peacock Properties, integrity and honesty, above all else, is our guarantee to you.

We hope that this information about Peacock gives you a good sense of how our team approaches each property we manage and that complete client satisfaction is the motivation for everything we do.

If Peacock Properties sounds like the right property management solution for you, our team looks forward to hearing from you. We are ready to work hand-in-hand with you to manage your condo association or commercial property.

What Sets Peacock Properties Apart:

  • Homegrown, Boston-Based Company
  • Unique Team Approach
  • Straight Shooters
  • Full-Service Property Management
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Expert Financial Guidance
  • Continuous Project Oversight
  • 24/7 Emergency Maintenance